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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Oh dear...

"We never get tummy bugs in our house" I said to my friend on Tuesday, three days before Elin has been struck down with a tummy bug. Serves me right! Having been very quiet for the latter part of the week, Elin has started retching a lot and has basically slept all day today :-( It's can be quite hard to tell when Elin has a bug if she has no temperature, as she is physically unable to be sick. When she was four months old, she underwent a 'phundoplication' operation to curb the amount of vomiting she had been doing since she was born (her brain was unable to send the correct signals to her stomach to tell it there was food coming, so when milk hit her tummy it would just start spasming, creating several projectile vomit situations every day, it was awful). The operation was a great success, and Elin started gaining weight and thriving. However, due to the nature of the op, which basically involved tying a knot in the top of the stomach to stop the vomit escaping, it left Elin unable to be sick at all. So what we have instead when she is poorly is this awful retching, which in turn exhausts Elin and causes her to sleep pretty constantly. It goes without saying that I really hate seeing her like this, she looks so sad. I wonder if the antibiotics she finished this week, which she was taking to clear a bit of a Mic-Key button infection, have somehow created a problem for her. Last time she had antibiotics, she ended up in hospital with gastroenteritis after an imbalance in the good/bad bacteria in her stomach and it took weeks for her to recover fully. Then again I know there are some bugs going round at the moment and so we're praying it's just a 24 hour thing! Keep your fingers crossed for our poor little snuffle chops that she starts to improve very soon :-(

Elin assuming the universal 'sick' position on the sofa :-(


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