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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well the sun is starting to emerge and we can cast a clout 'cos May will soon be out. I might break out my Birkenstocks and sunglasses asap- yeeee ha! Now that another Winter of discontent is gladly behind us it's got me thinking about the Summer holidays and a realisation has really started to hit home. Wow. I'm doing something reckless, guilt-inducing, terrifying, exciting, incredible, wonderful and unthinkable.

I'm going on holiday.


Without Elin.

I can't tell you how much I agonised over this, but if you know me at all you will already know that. However, I didn't need to agonise for long because I am a lucky, lucky girl.  I have friends who are amazing and wonderful and supportive.  I have a husband who is the same.  So when one of my oldest friends insisted she was taking me abroad for three nights to Palma (she gave me no choice, she knew the answer would have been 'I can't') so I could 'just lie by a pool and read a book', it seemed like the deal was already done. Paul said I should absolutely go-as I knew he would (he is the most selfless person in the world) So did my sister and my Mum, who both promised to help Paul with childcare while I was gone. So did just about anyone I spoke to. So I thought about my sad neglected bikini lying in my drawer, who hasn't had a decent airing in over seven years and I thought, who am I to deny my bikini another glimpse of the continental sun and daily dousing of highly chlorinated water? Maybe the bikini has missed feeling a splash of cocktail or sangria as it stretches out by the pool. It didn't ask to be bought after all, leaving its shop floor counterparts to look forward to endless summer fun whilst it withered and died in a dark drawer in my bedroom. Poor sad bikini. In short, if everybody thinks I should go and the bikini is ready and willing to be revived, who am I to argue??
Quality time with bezzie pal.
Excuse to shop for 'holiday clothes'.
Possibility of faint tan on current corned beef- like limbs.
It's only three nights.
Feeling like I abandoned Elin and Paul.
Missing/worrying about Elin and Paul.
Need to get body bikini-ready (Gah! as Bridget Jones would say)
It's three whole nights.

Now, though the cons are pretty significant, in my book if a list involves more pro's than con's, it's worth doing. With strict instructions from my travelling companion to take hand-luggage only (I am already having palpitations about this, my hair care alone normally takes up a case by itself. Not because I want to or even like doing my hair but because in the absence of serum, hairdryers, industrial brushes and straighteners I look like an electrocuted Diana Ross) and the reassurance that 6am is not too early to start drinking wine on the plane..I'M GOING.  Just don't tell Elin yet, don't ask me how I feel the night before I fly...and pray thanks to the gods of technology for Skype and FaceTime :-)



  1. Oh Ruth, you will love it, you need that break. I did it with Zack when he was two and loved it, I've just been to Rome for three nights and it was great to just be me again. Yes, you feel guilty, yes you worry, but Elin is in safe, safe hands and yes you will miss her but you know that rest will do you the power of good. Enjoy, you lucky ducky. xx

  2. Thanks so much Linzi, I am really looking forward to it! xxx


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