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Friday, 16 May 2014

Throw- back Friday

I had something in my mind for today's post but then I got some sad news and there was really only one photo that came to mind appropriate for today.
One of Elin's little friends in extremely poorly in Alder Hey. Her name is Ellie. Her Mum and me nicknamed our girls 'The Cosmic Twins' because they are so similar. Ellie has C.P and Epilepsy like Elin. They even look a little alike (I thought Elin's hair was wild until we met Ellie!) though Ellie is a couple of years younger. We were put in touch by a mutual friend when Ellie was born in Chester and her parents were experiencing all those horrendous emotions and struggles we had experienced after Elin's birth, and have been in contact ever since. There is something inexplicable about talking to parents who have been through the same as you, as I have said before. It's an instant bond, because so few people you meet can truly understand.
Ellie is strong, beautiful and doted on by her family.
Here in Holly Cottage we are hoping for a miracle for  Ellie. She is already a miracle after all. If blog fans could say a little prayer or make a little wish for Ellie tonight, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

The cosmic Twins.

The proud Mummy's




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