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Sunday, 11 May 2014


Elin's had a very busy weekend! She's had a fringe cut (she absolutely loves going to the hairdressers, the snip of the scissors never fails to make her laugh!) . Then she planned something VERY exciting with Mummy and Daddy for next year (but that's for another blog post I think!) Next Aunty Karen came over with her friends who were staying with her for the weekend and who kindly wanted to squeeze in some Elin cuddles. Then, we went to town to look for some Summer school shoes. We didn't find any. No surprises there. They have to fit over the strangest shaped splints ever. We looked at about a billion pairs and the shop assistant was lovely- she even remembered us from our Autumn visit (she calls Elin a little star)- but it was just too difficult and Elin was starting to get 'humbugged', so we left. We are hopefully having new splints soon anyway so I'm not too worried- but the issue of shoes does get to me like few others. The beautiful red patent leather dolly shoes, the funky trainers, the pretty sandals, the cute flip flops and jelly shoes. All of which my baby just can't wear :-( Of all things I don't know why I find shoes so hard. Just because I suppose- it just brings things home a bit. Anyway, Elin was very good all things considered and pretty good in her chair given it was late on in the day. She also found a renewed love of her standing frame this weekend which was lovely, as she hasn't been too impressed with it for the past few weekends :-(  This meant that  Elin was able to enjoy 'helping' Caitlin do some GCSE revision with Daddy on Saturday morning and on Sunday she had stories from Nanny in the morning then helped Daddy make a chocolate cheesecake in the afternoon- and even had a cheeky taste!! Hope you blog fans had a good weekend too. Monday will soon be over! xxx

Pretty pleased with new fringe. I look awesome (and I can see again).

Saturday morning GCSE revision club! Think I have nailed Hitler's Germany to be honest!!

Me helping Daddy! " You take a great big spoon, You take a great big bowl, You put the sugar in and you stir it all around...."

"Oh! Sticky sticky sticky!!"
Yes, it's 3:00pm on Sunday and I'm in my onesie with chocolate cheesecake around my mouth- don't judge me!!



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