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Friday, 9 May 2014

Throw back Friday...

This week's throw-back is one of the first photo's we ever took of Elin when she got back from her month-long hospital stay after being born.  As blog readers will know she was unable to swallow and fed through a tube in her nose, which went into her stomach and which I had to learn to pass. I hated doing it. More than that, I hated the permenant tube dangling from the side of her beautiful face, a large plaster across her cheek keeping it in place :-( However, occasionally she used to pull the tube out. If a feed wasn't imminent (they almost always were, she had to feed every two hours as her stomach would reject big feeds) then we would take the opportunity to take copious photograph's, before I had to pass a new tube. So this is one of those. It is framed on the wall upstairs. I always loved it, because she looks happy and so many of those hours in the first few weeks/months were unhappy for her. She cried almost continually, in pain from acid reflux. It agonised us day after day to see her like that. So I treasured this photo, because my baby looked happy, and it's all we wanted- for her to be happy. Fast-forward almost six years and we definitely got our wish. Friends of Elin will know that despite all of her issues the one thing you can say for certain is that she is most definitely and absolutely, happy :-)

To prove a point, a very happy Elin returning from school today having been awarded a special sticker for having a great week. Happy Friday all!


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