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Thursday, 25 August 2011

It's all in the timing....

Well it's been a pretty bad week and a half!More big fits than you can shake a stick at and a case of Impetigo, stomach upset and two hospital overnights stays in four days (having not ad a hospital stay in 18 months!!)! Poor Elin. The stress nearly had me banging on the door of the Priory and begging to be admitted! Cos of course, nothing is simple. Mid way between the hospital admissions was my 30th birthday party, joint party I should say with my twin sis. Planned for ages. House full of my lovely friends from Uni staying. Boom! Saturday-party day-brought three fits. The third being at 5:30, an hour before I was due at party venue to meet my sis and start with the decorating. Now, here is where Elin and I are lucky because Elin has the best Daddy in the world. Cool as a cucumber he took her off to hospital, 24 hours since we had last been discharged, with instructions to me to 'carry on' and that she 'would be fine'. I got on the phone to orchestrate some changes given what had happened and whilst I was on the phone my Uni mates straightened my hair, did my make up and got me out the door on time. I have never felt less like a party in my life but given the fact my car was full of balloons, games, old photo's, posters, birthday cake and banners, I had no choice. Another stroke of luck, the party venue was over the road from the hospital, giving me the ability to set up, greet the guests then drive over to see my Princess. Felt a bit of a knob tottering down the children's ward corridor in my party dress and heels mind you! Elin looked small.She was in a bed not a cot and she looked so small. But Super-Dad was by her side and one of our fave nurses was assigned to her. I knew she would be ok , we have been here plenty of times before, but that didn't stop tears- it's my party and I'll cry if I want to! As I eventually drove back to the party without my husband and my daughter, it struck me that things were a bit shit. Actually, with a room full of people, some of whom had travelled across the country, waiting to see me and who had, of course, been hoping to see Elin (who is always the true star of the show) when she was stuck looking so vulnerable and poorly in a hospital bed , it struck me that things were A LOT shit. But then, I have dealt with plenty of shit and I did what you do. Wiped the mascara from under my eyes, took a deep breath, slapped a smile on and went back to the Party. Cos what else can you do in life? Take the shit, dust yourself down and always, always return to the party with a smile on your face.
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