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Friday, 20 March 2020

What a wonderful world.

Hi all! Well, theres nothing like a global health pandemic of epic proportion to provide a bit of inspiration for a blog post is there??!!??
It's been ages since my last post. I can't really articulate why I just haven't felt the need to blog lately, I love blogging but I only write when I feel completely compelled to, sometimes a post will just sort of flash up before my minds eye and I know I have to write it. If that doesn't happen, I try not to push myself to write because I know posts will end up sounding contrived and I don't want that. I guess I just haven't had that flash of inspiration for a while.
However, it's fair to say I can imagine the whole world shutting down has provided many of us with reason to emotionally reflect more than usual and of course I am no exception! Predictably I've been something of an emotional wreck!! WHAT a crazy time!! I think I was living in a little bubble until the weekend, when it slowly began to dawn on me just how bad/serious this situation is. Elin's school had been fantastic in their efforts to keep her class safe but we took the decision to take her out of school on Tuesday. Home schooling it is!! But I  think one of the most difficult things about this slow realisation of what this means for our country is how much we are worrying for other people. Elderly/vulnerable relatives and friends, those with underlying health issues, those working in the entertainment industry or gig economy (Caitlin and most of her friends), those taking their exams, those trying to pay rent or mortgages with no income, those who will now be incredibly lonely for a long time, those having operations and appointments cancelled, homeless people, those in care homes like my grandparents who can no longer receive visitors, our friends who are teachers trying to keep schools running for children of key workers who have minimal staff and resources, the health and wellbeing of Elin's little friends...the list goes on and on. For someone prone to worrying and anxiety it's not the best of times and sleep has evaded me all week and I know it will have done for many of you, too.
Of course, my most acute worries are much more closer to home. Elin. She is in the vulnerable category. The only way I can deal effectively with this worry and still function is by holding onto the positive and luckily, that is something I know how to do in abundance!! Elin is healthier than she has ever been. She has a strong chest with no history of infection. She has never had any respiratory issues. She has never needed Oxygen. She is four years without a hospital admission. We are in an extremely positive position. We are taking every sensible precaution possible, isolating her to protect her (aside from the odd walk for fresh air -so lucky where we live we can go for a walk easily without seeing a soul!)  and also holding onto the fact that thus far, children don't seem to be getting it. In short, we are trying not to panic.
The thing that really moved me to write this blog post today though, was the way events like this can so amazingly bring humanity together. That's what I'm trying to focus on. The posts and videos online of people cheering each other up, helping each other out, volunteering to help those less fortunate etc etc have had me in tears. More than this though, on a personal level, we have had soooo many offers of help since the weekend. I can't thank those enough who have texted us to check that Elin is ok and say that should we need to self quarantine, they will bring us what we need. In some cases it's been people who we don't even see very often, as life so often gets in the way. Yet they thought of us, they thought of Elin. This is proof of what we have always known, that when push comes to shove people are good, humanity is kind, there are many more good hearts in the world than there are people shoving old ladies over in Tesco to get the last loo roll. I was let into the club of people who know this, who see the world on a different plain of importance on the 22nd July 2008 and I have never left. A world where these amazing children of ours unite us with their brilliance.  I'm not trying to pretend everything is perfect and wonderful all the time, regular readers will know that. But lets make some lemonade here.  There has never been a time of crisis either personally or generally where we have felt alone. You see us and we love you for it. Thank you.

Some pictures of Elin working hard in Ysgol Holly Cottage so far to make you smile:-)
Nobody knows more than us the importance of good health, I guess that's what we have to try and keep in perspective in these massively troubling and worrying times where it also feels like everything good or fun has been cancelled and we might not see friends and loved ones for weeks! Please just stay safe everyone and keep in touch :-) Also please remember no matter how well you feel we all have a communal responsibility to stop this thing its tracks. Be wise, be cautious, be sensible, be selfless. See you on the other side.

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