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Friday, 23 May 2014

Throw back Friday...

Firstly: Ellie update: Ellie (see last week's post) has been transferred back to her local hospital in Chester from Alder Hey and is now only needing a whiff of oxygen. Absolute miracle child. The Doctors can't believe her recovery. Thank's for all the good wishes and thoughts. xx
Secondly: The reason for this week's throw-back is that it's a photo of the first holiday we took Elin on and holiday's have very much been on my mind recently as we have very exciting holiday news that I can't stop thinking about- yay :-)
Next year, at Easter, we are taking Elin to Disneyland, Paris!! I'm so excited!! I went to Disneyland in Florida when I was 15 years old. We had never been abroad before and I think our parents figured it was the last family holiday we would be going on (they were right) so it was worth taking the plunge.  My sister and I turned 16 while we were out there and I absolutely loved every second of it. I've always been a big kid at heart and a huge Disney fan. Years later, when I was at Drama school in Edinburgh I even got a holiday job at the Disney Store on Princess Street , selling tartan clad Mickey Mouse's to Americans in town for the Festival ;-) Luckily I got out just before hearing Disney songs on loop and having to stand by the entrance wearing a terrible uniform and Tigger ears and saying 'Have a nice day!' to every customer took it's toll and threatened to ruin my love of Disney forever. So, to be taking Elin to Disneyland all these years later is a dream come true and something which I didn't actually think would happen, with her travelling issues.
Luckily. some clever soul decided to replicate Disneyland in Paris. Much nearer to us! Then, another clever soul decided to create a train that gets you from London to said Disneyland in two hours flat!! THANK YOU!! Elin tolerates trains. She can sit on our knee's on trains and we can get up and walk around with her if she is upset. Hello Eurostar!! In a handy twist, passengers in wheelchairs must travel First Class on Eurostar as there is no provision in Standard class, but the family will only be charged standard class rates. Boom! I was excited going from Edinburgh to Wrexham on First Class in Virgin once (mainly because there was free water and mini-toblerones) so I'm guessing First Class Eurostar will be AWESOME.
We have booked through and they were really helpful. Our hotel is 10 minutes walk from the park, but there is a land train if we need a lift, or free adapted taxi shuttle services. We have an adapted suite with a wet room and lots of space (the booking form says two double beds, one single and bunk beds!! wow- anyone want to come with us???) Caitlin has been before so we will have a reliable tour guide and I just know Elin is going to love it- the fireworks, the light shows, the music, the colourful parades, the shows and all the noisy kids around. I can't wait for her to meet the Disney Princess's - they will be in extremely good company after all :-) So here's to Princess Elin and the holiday of a lifetime for her. "Disneyland-where dreams really do come true" :-) Have a lovely weekend all!

Elin's first holiday (Porth Madog) Wearing pink crocs and a pink wetsuit, ready for all the surfing with Daddy :-)

IMAGINE Elin's face when she see's this and much more besides. Can't wait.


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