Living with Cerebral Palsy 🍋🍋

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Imagine what life could be. Imagine that I am a Mummy, not a Nurse, too. Imagine that I can hear your voice. Imagine that you reach for my hand and that you hug me when you see me. Imagine that you run and dance and play. Imagine that a simple trip out to the shop is not a test of strength. Imagine going abroad to swim in the sunshine. Imagine that the chemist/docs/hospital was not our second home. Imagine a picnic in the park. Imagine a pair of school shoes. Imagine day dreaming about being old and what my grandchildren might be like. Imagine you can sing like your sister. Imagine exams and university Imagine that Daddy and I could go out together instead of in shifts. Imagine I dont have to watch fits wrack your tiny body. Imagine I'm not terrified all of the time. Imagine a world without worry. Imagine a world without you. I can't. I love you, Elin.
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