Living with Cerebral Palsy 🍋🍋

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Achy breaky heart

My head aches. My back aches. My brain aches. My eyes ache (with tears). My heart aches. Sometimes, that's what living with cerebral palsy is like. Achy.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Elin forever

Sometimes it hits you, when you least expect it and you are blindsided. Not by what has happened but by what will never happen. How mostly, Elin will remain a constant from now until forever. Largely unchanging, at least to the outside eye. Bigger, of course. More aware, certainly. Slightly more able even. But mostly just the same, just Elin as she is, year after year. Happy, beautiful, funny, loving, joyful. But the same. Forever. As her Mummy there is unbearable heartache in this. But also, conversely, great and immense comfort.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A message of hope....

So, I received a message the other day that I would like to share. I have excluded one or two lines in order for the sender to remain anonymous. However, this message was very important to me and it's so beautiful I thought it needed sharing. You see, it came just out of the blue, from someone I have not seen in a long time. Someone who was not a friend back then as such, more of a fond, yet passing acquaintance. Someone who has had troubles of their own in the past and has been kind enough to attribute Elin's story to playing a small part in helping them overcome these problems. This touched me deeply. One of the things I hope for- and part of the reason I started this blog when she was a tiny baby- is that Elin's story may touch people, to maybe make them feel ever so slightly different about the world. I don't mean to make people 'grateful for what they have' or anything as worthy as that, but rather to see that life can be lived in it's most simple form and happily, too, because it contains love. So much love. And in turn this love that is given and shared can bring great joy to everyone around. This message made me feel that Elin's story is achieving this and thus I would like to share: "Hi Ruth I haven't communicated with you for a long time but I saw a picture of you on Facebook that made me want to write to you. I was a picture I'd seen before- one of Elin and her jellybean monkey when she was just born. I like monkeys. I didn't notice the pipes and wires and pieces of tape, or didn't get what they meant or thought they were just what newborns get. I hadn't read the stories and didn't get what was going on. I just liked that there were were two more cute little monkeys in the world. I've followed your blog and Facebook ever since. I've never known what to say, or if anything I could ever do or say would help in the slightest, or might make things worse by being such a powerless attempt. But I read that one thing that helps is to know that people aren't looking away. We're not ignoring you. When you talk we listen and care, we really do. Reading about Elin has made me think better and differently about personhood and what makes human life valuable and important. I think anybody who had been touched by Elin's story loves her and wants the best for her. You and Paul probably get told a lot that you are strong and good. I imagine there are times when you hate being told that because it seems like that can't possibly relate to how you've felt at times. So I'll try to avoid those terms. It's evident to me that you and paul, in all you do for Elin and others, make more love and beauty in the world.If there's anything, ever I can do for you or your causes, please let me know" So that was my message of hope on a rainy, cold winter's Saturday... and sender, I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart :-) xx
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