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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A breath of fresh air...

Well, the weather seems to think it's October, so having shelved an earlier plan we decided we had to at least get out of the house for a breath of fresh air and a cup of tea (rock and roll!)
Paul is back safe and sound from Greece, much to our relief. Elin was delighted to wake up on Tuesday morning and discover Daddy was there, right where she left him!  I wondered briefly as her little eyes lit up when she became aware of him if the past few days had just seemed like a very long and funny dream to her! Anyway big cuddles ensued and lots of smiles and happy sounds followed. Holly Cottage was complete again :-) So, once we decided to go out, I decided that it was time to do something I'd been putting off for ages.  It was time to get rid of the car seat. My lovely pink Maxi-Cosi baby seat, for my baby. Who is no longer a baby. We have had our WAV  (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) since Christmas and I've simply been putting off using it for the purpose it was intended. Im no psychiatrist but it doesn't take a genius to work out why I was avoiding it! The same reason I hated giving away the moses basket and putting Elin's pram at the back of the attic :-( My little, snuffly beautiful baby is gone forever (though she will, of course, always be my baby). Anyway, the strain on my back was finally too much to bear (not so much lifting Elin in and out, but lifting the buggy in and out!) so I had to concede it was time for her to travel in the car in her buggy. She has been travelling to and from school in this way for years in the minibus so I knew it would be ok, but was kind of nervous at the same time.
Elin didn't flinch. She looked mildly amused for the outgoing car journey and was so good whilst we were out that a quick stroll turned into quite a long walk along the aqueduct by my Nana's house, where I went countless times as a kid. Such a lovely afternoon. She wasn't too happy with the situation on the way back home, but she was tired by then and I knew we wouldn't be that lucky! I was however, happy with the position the new buggy kept her in whilst travelling, in comparison to the disaster we had with the old buggy when we trial ran the car all those months ago (she practically flipped herself out of it). So, another new little chapter in this journey via the correct use of the Drakemobile and a final acceptance from me that I have a big girl now not a 'baby Elin' anymore! It's all good though because I know this means there are just many more adventures to come...enjoy the rest of your week, folks, let's hope the sun returns soon!

Goodbye car seat, you're going in the shed. I can put you away, but I can't get rid of you. Not yet!

 Elin's first official ride in the Drakemobile in her buggy.

In the cafe, finding the sound of Daddy hitting a spoon on a teacup and then bopping her on the chin with it pretty funny!

Change of position and cuppa with Mummy!

A surprisingly long walk over the Aqueduct and along the canal, after Elin sits perfectly happily in her chair (again!). 

Twenty minutes after getting home, Elin conks out after all that fresh air, whilst Daddy reads the paper on his iPad. Hmm, we might have an early start tomorrow morning! 



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