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Monday, 19 May 2014

The Sun has got his hat on!

Firstly, thanks to those blog readers sending best wishes to Ellie. I am pleased to report that she has rallied and though still ventilated, things are really looking up for her! Please keep wishing for her and her lovely family :-)

Elin had a lovely weekend. The weather, of course, was glorious and despite her somewhat grumpy week last week, Elin was in a great mood. We spent the majority of Saturday in the garden, under a makeshift tent made of scarves which amused Elin greatly! Her little buddy Megan came round for a splash in the paddling pool, and though Elin remained unimpressed with dangling her feet in the water, Megan took great delight in splashing us with several 'cannon ball' jumps, which Elin found pretty funny! She also loved the sound of the hosepipe filling the pool!
On Sunday Elin attended a party for a school friend, which was pretty moving since the birthday girl was turning 18, an age which her Dad explained, had sometimes seemed unlikely she might reach. Another amazing child, who has proved her strength time and time again, with the help, love and support of family, friends and not to mention a certain little wonderful school :-) A joy to help celebrate another miracle and another inspiration to us all. Happy Birthday, Tori, the sun shone for you today and may it continue to do so for many years to come  xxxx


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