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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Park Hall Farm..Again

Elin has been continuing her Easter holiday adventures by visiting Park Hall Farm, in Oswestry, again. We went along with a good friend of mine and her little girl, Lily, who is a year older than Elin. This is one of our favourite places to visit and I know I have blogged previously about it, but it's just so handy for us. The value is incredible given that it's just £7.95 per person and you can literally spend all day there. Also, there is full wheelchair/buggy access and almost nothing that Elin can't have a go at or take part in. The staff were really sweet and went out of their way to include Elin, when she couldn't milk the cow they went and brought her a newborn goat to stroke instead. The waitress in the cafe noticed us, came over and offered to move several tables around to fit her chair in. The man on Reception was at pains to give me the low down on which ride-on automatic cars had space for two, as he thought Elin might be able to ride in one alongside Lily. He also gave us a discount on Elin's entry fee despite it not being advertised and I only realised when I checked my receipt, I didn't ask for it and he didn't mention it. These are all small things but important in making you feel welcome and valued. In addition there was a lovely lady with a camera who took photo's of Lily milking the cow which she said she would like to use on the Park Hall website. When I told her how we quite often visit, as the access is so good for wheelchairs, she asked if she could have some photo's of Elin for the website, too as she thought it might be a good selling point and hadn't considered it before. So keep your eye out for us on the website and if you have children or almost any age I would highly recommend a visit! You definitely won't be stuck for something to do!
Elin's Itinerary-Just a few things she got up to on her visit today!
Playing with Lily on a bouncy castle
Toy tractor driving
Snuggling real bunnies
Riding on a real tractor
Listening to a story-teller tell a Welsh Legend
Feeding lambs
Holding a newborn goat
Watching a pig race (absolutely hilarious)
Visiting a Celtic Roundhouse
Seeing a horse up close (and smelling him! He was a bit windy!)
Go-Karting with Mummy
Helping Mummy milk a cow (don't ask)
Visiting the Victorian museum (I liked the dark corridor)
Stealing some of lily's ice cream.

I'm hoping she will sleep tonight (I know i will!)

Today is Farm day, isn't it Mum!?

Hmmm. A Horse. Hi Horse!

Go Karting! 

The Bunny is so fluffy!

The Lamb was really hungry!

This is so much fun!

Oh, hi Kid!

This bunny is nibbling my chin Mummy!

Tractor riding with Mummy and Lily

You can just see Lily jumping in the background ;-)

After a very busy day Elin was super glad to get home and see Daddy, who had downloaded a new Mr Tumble App to play on! Thanks Daddy!



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