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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Charlie Bear

Absolutely devastated to have just discovered one of my online support Mum's little boy, Charlie, has passed away. Strange to think that we never met. I have blogged before about the power of the internet and the communication it allows you with other parents that in a pre-cyberspace obsessed age  you may never have had. Michelle was a Mum I met through a Facebook support group. The group was started by a Mum who lost her own daughter to West Syndrome a few years ago (West Syndrome is the name for Elin's form of Epilepsy) and has many members throughout the UK. However, there is a group of us from the North West, some of whom we have been lucky enough to meet with. Sadly Michelle was not one of these Mum's but our communication was regular and supportive nonetheless.  I can't quite believe we never met in person in fact, I feel like I know her. I felt like I knew her beautiful boy, Charlie. "Charlie Bear". So the news that his health unexpectedly and rapidly deteriorated yesterday with an infection and subsequent renal failure has been a devastating shock. His Mum, Michelle, never left his side in the past three years, come rain or shine. I can't stop thinking about her and how she must be feeling. There aren't any words for her loss or anything that can make sense of it. All I can do is squeeze Elin a little bit harder tomorrow and remind myself (as if I need reminding) of how lucky we are and make sure we never forget Michelle and the beautiful boy she was blessed with for far too short a time. God bless you Charlie Bear and your Mummy who never, ever gave up. You will both continue to inspire me every single day.

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