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Thursday, 17 April 2014

CBeebies Live

Today we took Elin for an Easter Hols treat to see 'CBeebies Live' in Liverpool. We were lucky enough to have complimentary tickets from an old friend of mine from Drama school, Katrina, who plays Nina in 'Nina and the Neurons' on Cbeebies and was performing in the show. I was slightly concerned about whether it would be too noisy for Elin, being in an Arena, but I needn't have worried! She absolutely loved it! Granted, she was already in a great mood which always helps with Elin. But the show was right up her street, as it was aimed at tots. So there was lots of singing, lighting effects, bright colours and funny sounds to make her giggle. We had tickets for the disabled access section, but could only get two tickets together for it, so the other ticket was elsewhere. However, I'm glad to say there are still some people out there with a bit of common sense instead of the total jobsworth's you sometimes encounter at places like this. We explained to the usher that we couldn't buy three seats together so we were going to have to split up and he simply squeezed another chair into our section! Thanks Mr Usher, we so both wanted to see how Elin reacted to the show it would have been such a shame if we had to sit apart and take 'turns' with her!!! It was such a joy to see her respond so positively to what she was seeing and hearing on stage! Of course Mr Tumble was our favourite but all the acts were brilliant and so full of energy. Katrina had hoped we might be able to get Elin's picture with Mr Tumble but it wasn't possible after the show so we'll just wait until next time :-) (Paul was gutted he loves Mr Tumble more than Elin! Haha) There were some really catchy songs too, I'm going to look for the soundtrack to see if I can interest Elin in riding in the car a bit more by playing it for her! So grateful for such another lovely day, hopefully a few more to come this holiday before we have to go back to the grindstone! Happy Easter everyone x

Waiting for the show to start

The one and only Mr Tumble!

Mr Bloom's set and the giant bugs were beautiful

Waving our disco lights!

Elin's face as we left the arena. Says it all!

And as a final treat, as we left Elin got to do one of her favourite things in the world- ride in a lift!!! (She really loves it! She stopped laughing just before the flash went off in this pic though!) Thanks Katrina, CBeebies and the Liverpool Echo Arena- it's been brilliant.



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