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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Never a burden...

A conversation I had recently has prompted me to want to vent a bit on my blog so excuse the talking in general terms but I don't want to embarrass anyone. Just so we're clear, Elin is not and never will be a burden. She is not a patient living in my house. She is my child. It really is as simple as that. She may not be the same as your child but I would no more describe her as a burden than you would your own children. I am not her carer, I am her Mum. Please don't assume that because of her disabilities that looking after her is a chore. Don't feel sad about it and don't feel sorry for me. We do not have a sad life and Elin certainly doesn't as regular readers of this blog will know! Difficult and stressful sometimes, yes. Emotionally challenging sometimes, of course. A bit like raising any child really! Anyway sorry for the Sunday rant but I just had to get that off my chest. Elin is unique, special, funny, gorgeous, miraculous, strong and many other things. But never, ever a burden.

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