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Friday, 18 April 2014

Good Friday stroll...

I have never really understood why Good Friday is called Good Friday. Wouldn't Bad Friday have been more appropriate?? I'm sure I'm just showing my ignorance here so I'll stop talking and just google it later, along with why Easter is on different dates every year- I know it's something to do with the moon or something, but Christmas is the same day every year!! Yes, stuff like this really does keep my crazy brain awake at night. Anyway, today was most definitely a good Friday for us, as the sun was out and Elin had held onto her buoyant mood from yesterday. We took advantage and went for a stroll in the sun to a local beauty spot. You really do forget where you live sometimes. The scenery around us here is quite breathtaking, we are SO lucky. Elin sat in her buggy no problem and it was even warm enough to sunbathe in front of the river. A pretty perfect bank holiday, hope the sun stays around!! It really is surprising what a bit of Vitamin D can do for your soul!


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