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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Dodgy few days..

Another tricky couple of days for Elin with two consecutive days of needing rescue meds at school after increased dystonia/dystonic attacks. For blog newbies, dystonia is what Elin was diagnosed with last year. It causes her body to go stiff and convulse and renders her impossible to handle. Dystonic attacks present in an identical manner to Elin's epileptic seizures, so it's taken a long time to learn to differentiate between the two. The main difference is that whilst prolonged seizures are in danger of causing Elin more brain damage if mishandled, dystonic attacks are not. But they are equally unpleasant and both eventually require the same treatment- buccal medazolam followed by a swift visit to hospital if she does not recover. Yesterday we paid a little visit to our ever accommodating local G.P who gave Elin a good look over, as I was concerned there may be something underlying causing her current bout of dystonia (ear infection, sore throat etc) but she couple find nothing. So we are back to not having my beloved 'answers' and keeping our fingers crossed and hoping a slight increase in her diazepam will do the trick, since its been a few days now since she was entirely 'herself'. However, tonight she seemed to perk up before bed. Her eyes became 'engaged' and she laughed and smiled- at having her teeth brushed of all things! So I''m hoping that a good night's sleep (which she most definitely didn't get last night- yawn!) will re-charge her batteries and set her back on track.

Cuddles with Daddy really helped Elin to feel better! Hoping for a better half to the week now...


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