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Monday, 28 July 2014

Feeling hot, hot, hot!!!

You might think I was blogged out for today but I couldn't resist sharing a couple of pics with you as I know some people will be mourning the lack of Elin picture's recently!
This is a picture of Elin today in her birthday present- a hot tub!! What do you get the girl who has got everything? Ermm... a hot tub!!! We thought it would be like having her own hydro pool in the garden and so far she seems to thoroughly enjoy it! Under no circumstances did we also think it might be quite a nice present to ourselves, it was purely for the therapeutic benefits, honest guv.
Here she is having some light 'physio' (ahem) from her best buddy Megan who turned 8 today. We threw her a beach party and a good time was had by all as you can see. I will endeavour to keep the pictures of Elin enjoying her hols coming as regularly as possible for you blog fans as I know how you all love to see that famous smile- it is brighter than the Sun after all!


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