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Friday, 11 July 2014

Throw back Friday

It's been a good week at Holly Cottage. Elin made a great recovery from her bug and has been fab. She even travelled to the distant lands of Mexico at school this week and enjoyed smashing a Piñata (with a little help!). She arrived home on the bus today (or the "Fun Bus"as we now call it)  with a massive grin on her face and her escorts said she had been brilliant. Apparently her favourite bus entertainment at the moment is listening to Tom Jones, which the escorts sing and play to her on repeat, to keep her happy :-) She is spoilt rotten even on public transport!! What a lucky girl!! Not only has Elin been great, but we have a new little addition to our family- the first boy in 19 years-and a little play pal for Elin, her newborn cousin little Eli Jac. We can't wait to meet him and when Elin gets to have snuggles I am sure there will be pictures-a-plenty for you to see blog fans ;-) .  Added to this great news there is only one week left until the School holidays, the sun is shining strongly and we are definitely feeling the Summer vibe! So for today's throw-back I have chosen a picture of Elin on the beach at Porth Madog on her first Summer holiday when she had just turned one. She is looking at her Nanny and Grampy (so cute!) As you can see from the second photo, which I have literally just taken, I think she is turning into something of a sun-worshipper. So happy Friday folks, have a lovely, relaxing sunny weekend! I know we intend to x




  1. Hi Ruth, Glad Elin is doing well and looks so fabby. I was wondering if you could drop me an email to this address as I want to ask you something about epilepsy. We are having big trouble with Zack at the moment and could do with some advice, it's
    Thanks and hugs to you all. Linzi xx

  2. Of course! Will email you now. Sorry to hear that :-( xxx


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