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Friday, 18 July 2014

Throw-back Friday

Arghhh how can it be throw-back Friday day again? This week has absolutely flown, probably something to do with it being the last week of term. Ahhhh, last week of term, how I have missed you! How it seemed you would never arrive!!
The last week of term is always extra busy for us because it means one thing in particular- Elin's birthday bash is approaching. Each year we have a bbq and garden party, it started when she was one and has just become a tradition we can't stop. I think this must be how Michael Eavis feels about Glastonbury-it started off as a fantastic little party pretty easy to organise and manage and then just got bigger, better and required a lot more planning !! Wouldn't change it though and hopefully there will be a lot less mud and rain than Glastonbury, though looking at the forecast I'm not so sure. Boo!
Anyway how could I fail to add some pics of Elin's first birthday for today's throwback?  Please ignore me, I hadn't lost the baby weight (ok, total lie, I had lost it but then I had an awesome time putting it back on whilst I was on maternity leave) and apparently I thought a white-blond bob would be a good look on me (it wasn't, see exhibit A). However, I think everyone will agree Elin looks amazing - in the days when her cheeks would cover her eyes if she smiled. I still remember buying her the dress from Next, I was so happy that she was celebrating her first birthday. Simple as that, couldn't have cared less what the weather was doing or what presents she had or even who could and couldn't come to be honest. My baby was turning one and we were giving her the best day ever- how could you not when it seemed unlikely  at birth that she would make one hour, even?? I was just celebrating the fact that she was having a birthday, another tick on the list and another one in the eye for the doctors. The tradition of a huge party stuck and now it is even more than Elin's birthday, it is friends and relatives gathering to celebrate her really, and another year of good health. So how lucky do we feel to be celebrating her sixth birthday?  I can hardly believe it, Elin is six. A six-year old survivor.  Every birthday is a blessing and we will never forget it. We love you Elin (birthday party pics will, of course, follow) and we love you all too, for understanding :-) xxxx

Exhibit A. Bad hair. Gorgeous baby though ;-)

Little Miss Serious.

With big sis



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