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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Throw back Friday

Arghhhh! I forgot throw back Friday! This is because I am a teacher and as all teachers will tell you during the long stretch of Summer holidays there really isn't any need to know what day it is and thus quite often I actually don't.
But before I get too smug and annoying about it, for the benefit of all those of you working on a more 'normal' timeframe perhaps I'd better just show you some photo's.
This week Elin had some new splints FINALLY. Our amazing Orthotist was back from a double whammy of maternity leave and wow, were we pleased about it. Elin finally has a pair of splints that her legs slide into and are a perfect mould/fit. it's early days in terms of how she tolerates them and if they pinch/mark her but so far we are thrilled. Not least because in the making is a pair of custom-boots which the Orthotics company are creating to work in tandem with the splints. They should be the comfiest thing ever for Elin. (I will admit, the prototype we got shown today looked slightly like a built-up shoe for a polio victim circa 1930. Or an old fashioned iron diving boot. Basically, with two on, Elin looked like a golf club at best and a creature from another dimension at worst. Her feet were bigger than her head. Lucky that the lovely Orthotist **Warning massive sexism approaching** is a women, then. She completely agreed- I figured she understands the 'Carrie Bradshaw' affect on us ladies that lived out our University years in the late 90's and are still, fourteen years down the line, bemoaning the fact that we can't afford even one pair of Jimmy Choo's or Manolo Blahnik's. She is going to talk to the company before they are finished, to do all they can to improve them aesthetically)  Hopefully the boots will be slightly less diving and slightly more designer then by the time they are done! Hooray!
In the meantime, we had the boots I chose when Elin had her legs cast for the splints. They are soooo gorgeous!! Ok so there is a bit of forceful thumping (think Tomato Ketchup bottle style) to get them on, as they aren't entirely custom made to fit the splints, but the Orthotist was happy that they only places they are tight are around the splints and so shouldn't have a negative impact on Elin.  So we brought them home, yay!! They are pretty punk with a hint of D.M's. (My Nan will definitely refer to them as 'Bovver Boots') It got me thinking about Elin's first pair of Orthotic boots which I was terrified to pick up, but actually loved once I saw them. Not 'NHS regulation' style at at all! Then I started thinking about MY first pair of shoes, and how my Mum had kept them lovingly in perfect condition since 1982 and how I hoped I could pass them onto my daughter for this reason. But Elins feet were too bent to fit in them by the time they should have fit perfectly. This is a bit gutting to be honest, but I'm not sad for long when I see Elin's new beautiful shiny boots and remember how cute her first pair looked too on her little feet :-) I will simply put the patent leather burgundy clarks back in their time capsule and hope one day another little girl joins the family who can get some use from them, 'Vintage' is making a huge come-back after all.
Happy Weekend folks! We are off on our jollies to 'Ribby Hall' holiday village for a week where we haven't been before and looks lots of fun on their website! So fear not if you don't see any updates for a while, we will hopefully be enjoying ourselves in the sun (pleeeeease god) and hope you will be too xxxxx
My first shoes. Now 'Vintage' :-) 1982

Elin's first boots.

Her latest, awesome, red shiny pair! Yaaayyyyy!!!


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