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Thursday, 3 July 2014


Elin hasn't had a good couple of days! She is suffering from a tummy bug again. It's almost identical to what she had just four weeks ago, so it's quite a surprise she caught one again so soon, unless she has something nasty lying dormant in her system! I think more investigations may be afoot. She is very lethargic and lets just say I think we are keeping Pampers in business :-( She just seems so fed up, it's awful seeing  her like this particularly since she has had a wonderful few weeks! Fingers crossed she gets better very soon. However, putting things in perspective, Elin's little friend Ellie is very poorly again and in ICU. Her parents were excited as June was the first full month she had spent without being hospitalised, but one day into July and she was being intubated again :-( Ellie's parents are amazingly strong but I just can't believe what they are having to deal with. Trying to maintain some sort of family normality for themselves and Ellie's older brother must seem like a pipe dream a lot of the time. Comparatively, we know how lucky we are with Elin who doesn't often need hospital treatment (argh I can't believe I just said that out loud) So once again blog fans please keep your fingers crossed for Ellie and if you've any spare wishes left say a little one for a speedy recovery for our  Elin-chops too, I miss her smile so much!

Poorly Elin having sleepy garden snuggles with Daddy. 


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