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Friday, 27 June 2014

Throw-back Friday

 This weekend I am callously abandoning Elin and going to London. Last weekend, Paul went to London to visit family and this weekend I am going to visit my oldest friend in the world. So really, neither of us needs to feel guilty because Elin has simply had two lovely weekends of concentrated quality time with both of us. Just not together. (Am I trying to convince you, or myself???)
Anyway Katie and I met one sunny day in September in 1984 wearing equally stifling uniforms and probably equally anxious, wondering what adventures lay ahead. It was the first day of school. It turns out lots of adventures lay ahead, as we have been friends ever since. We have had a lot of fun in the past 29 years and just before I got pregnant with Elin myself and our other buddy, Jenny (the wonderful person who is forcing me into my first holiday abroad in July- see previous blog post even travelled out to South Korea to visit her as she taught English out there.  The three of us then flew out to Japan and we had the time of our lives. Just over nine months after that I had Elin and the carefree holiday fun was about as further a memory as I could have had as the world fell down around us. Well, Katie was there for all of it but more recently has been living in the big city as a fabulous RE teacher in a secondary school and shamefully I still have not been to see her! So, the weekend has finally arrived. I'm off to London, baby!! Jenny is coming too so you could say it will be like a mini version of our Korean holiday seven years ago (although hopefully without the diarrhoea- yeah, don't ask)
I have blogged before about how lucky I am to have been blessed with so much support in my life, not just family but I have so many wonderful friends, some of them work colleagues, some university pals dotted around the country, some school friends. Some that I have had since we were riding tricycles and still having an afternoon nap. Katie is one of the latter. Like all my friends, she thinks the world of Elin and has been there for every step of her little life. I really, really don't know what I would do without my friends. Once again I just count myself incredibly lucky. I normally don't like trite hallmark-style quotes, but this one is so poignant because it's so true. "Real friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you always know that they are there"
So have a good one folks, I know I will, especially given what a wonderful week Elin has had. nothing but smiles so hopefully a good girl for Daddy! Happy Weekend x

On my lawn in 1987 both modelling Pippa Dee's latest range (sorry Katie)

2014 in a taxi modelling the 'tipsy selfie' trend :-)

London here I come!

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