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Friday, 6 June 2014

Road to recovery....

Well, today Elin managed a full day back at school! Not bad considering we were on Children's Ward until 10:00 last night! We left with yet another course of antibiotics, as it appears she still has a skin infection in the cartilage of her right ear, and are hoping they don't affect her adversely again! So back to school she went this morning as she seemed so much better and had a great night's sleep. She had a fairly good day, though not too good travelling on the bus or sitting in her class chair (no surprises there- as soon as she isn't quite herself, seating is the first thing she struggles with!). However, despite being very agitated and hot all the way home, as soon as the bus stopped and the bus driver was busy lowering the ramp ready for her to come off, she started grinning like crazy when she heard my voice, and laughing. This was quite a big thing given how worked up she was. This was a wonderful moment for me and proof again of how much her awareness in general is improving. My delight was compounded by the fact that Elin was sporting the most beautiful hair 'do,  which one of the staff at school had so kindly done for her. I really need lessons on doing little girl's hair! She looked absolutely gorgeous and carried on with the smiles until bedtime. This was so lovely for us to see after so many days of her feeling poorly and basically sleeping. I will leave you with some photo's to enjoy, have a good weekend blog fans and keep your fingers crossed that Elin just continues to improve now!


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  1. Great news! The hairdo is lovely indeed, wish I knew how to do that too for my daughter!!

    On another note, I was wondering if you had ever tried some kind of alternative medicine with Elin, for example homeopathy? I think it could work well for relatively simple conditions like ear infection .. reducing the need for antibiotics especially if they upset her so much?


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