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Thursday, 19 June 2014


Ok, you got me. This is just a blatant excuse to show you all a couple of pictures of Caitlin on her way to Prom, because she looks amazing. But it is kind of relevant, because with there being no show without punch, Elin was there to wish her a wonderful night :-) I find the concept of Prom a bit strange, it was something I used to read about in my 'Sweet Valley High' books and my only visual frame of reference for the American tradition of 'Prom', until a couple of years ago when suddenly it became en vogue for UK teenagers too, was that scene in 'Grease' where Frenchie looks like a Pineapple.  It seemed such a grown up and glamorous event, so massively unlike the kind of sad little disco in the school hall we had on our last day of Year 11 (DURING school time I might add), we would have given anything for a 'Prom'. So my feelings about it are kind of wedged between envy and bemusement (especially given what some girls are apparently spending on this one night!). However, when we saw Caitlin today preparing to leave for Prom, it seemed kind of right. Leaving secondary school is a huge moment and it seems nice to mark this rite of passage with a little more formal pomp and ceremony than the usual party round someone's house. Caitlin went to Prom with her best friend in the whole world, Dafydd, who has lived on the same lane as her since they were both born, which was the sweetest thing ever and actually a tad emotional. They both looked fantastic. I know Elin could not possibly have grasped anything about Prom or why everyone was standing around taking photographs, but I do know that she has started to become more in tune with senses of 'occasion', or events that are a bit out of the ordinary. She was certainly very pleased to see her adored big sister looking like a Princess! Of course, the tiny nagging minuscule dark shadow in my brain could not help but think today that Prom is another milestone that Elin will miss out on, another treasured moment between parents and a child that will mean nothing in the scheme of her future, and mine as a Mum. But I know there will be so many joyous moments exclusive to Elin and to us, that celebrating will always be part of her life, just not in the same way as everybody else- and maybe that's no bad thing. There won't be a  Prom for Elin, but there will be a lifetime of being our Princess instead. Perhaps it's not too bad a swap. Enjoy your evening blog fans!

Caitlin and Dafydd

Elin waving her big sis off to Prom (and Caitlin wearing the highest high heels ever!!)


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