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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Love is in the air...

So, Elin is sooooo much better in herself since she started the new round of antibiotics. Unfortunately, her ear is not looking any better. Children's Ward called today and said that they are pretty sure the swabs they took are growing some sort of bacteria. It's going to be checked again tomorrow but the likelihood is we will have to go back tomorrow and change to a more specific form of antibiotics in order to sort it out. Happily, the nasty infection doesn't seem to be bothering her in the slightest. That's the science bit over with. The truly exciting news from today though, is....Elin has a date!!! Yup! She was AMAZING at sitting today so we went to town and there we were, doing a bit of shopping when we ran into none other than Elin's little boyfriend from school! She was delighted to see him and he looked as gorgeous as ever- it's obvious why she is so fond of him :-) Since they also ran into one another on Christmas Eve in Children's Ward, we are starting to wonder if they are arranging these render-vouz themselves??? !!! Very sneaky. Anyhoo, little Llew (yes, Elin's boyfriend has the cutest name ever, Llew means 'Lion' in Welsh and he truly is a little Lion) got his lovely Mummy to ask if Elin could attend her 40th birthday party in July- as his date!!!! Of course, Elin was made up and undoubtedly already planning her outfit ;-) It's so nice to meet other parents, it's not alway easy to get acquainted with people who know what you're going through. Not bad going though Elin, fair play- to get your first date at not even six years old! Amazing little Llew has his own website if anyone would like to check it out, he is absolutely adorable:

In the meantime, if anyone wants to see the little could I fail to get a snap...

Flirting in Debenhams!

Oh and Elin doesn't mind the rain either apparently, which is lucky at the moment! In fact, she finds it pretty funny....

Happy Saturday folks!


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