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Sunday, 8 June 2014

These Toms aren't made for walking..

Wow what an achievement in our little world today. As Paul went off up the Panorama on his mountain bike, I figured I would take Elin out in her chair. I thought we could walk towards the village and see how far we got. Elin happily listened to some tunes on my iPhone and I was majorly impressed to get to the end of the road.There was no need to stop and the sun was out so in a Forest Gump kind of way, we just kept walkin'. We got ALL the way to my mum's house on the far side of the village- amazing! Elin was chuffed to see Nanny and vice versa so we stayed for some refreshments and then pushed our luck by walking all the way back home again. This is about a 4 mile round trip!!! Elin did nothing but smile. Perhaps the second set of antibiotics is agreeing with her after all? We haven't heard from Children's Ward so are assuming that the bacteria infection is nothing to worry about and the current antibiotics are good enough to fight it. My only complaint from our lovely little journey is that next time I'll have more faith and put on some decent shoes just in case- my Toms might be ok for hanging around in but walking shoes they aint *ouch*. We treated ourselves to a little sunbathe when we got home- and would like to do some more of it to be honest! Here's hoping!

The way home

Sunbathing selfie :-)



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