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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Right about now I'm 50/50...

It's not been a good week for snuffle chops. Sophie's untimely demise last week seemed to be the catalyst for some pretty sad luck. Elin's Dystonia returned and then some. It has gripped her for several days, she has needed three doses of Buccal in the space of just over 24 hours and ended up on Children's Ward again on Thursday :-( The pessimist in me thinks that the upping of Diazepam last time this happened has had limited effect and now we are dealing with the fallout of her being on a ceiling dose of a drug that is no longer therapeutic to her. The optimist in me thinks this is a blip and it will settle down again soon. It will be a few more days before we truly discover if my proverbial glass is actually half empty or half full I guess. I'll keep you posted.
In the meantime, despite the odd half-hearted smile this week (VERY few and far between) we have actually had some pretty decent smiles and laughs today- definitely a good sign and something we really needed to see. I know there are some others out there who would like to see it too, so of course I captured it on my ever present camera. Nothing has made me happier all week. i feel like she is back with us when she smiles, however momentarily.
Oh-I missed throwback Friday - as a little boy in my Junior class said this week 'my brain is far too busy'. So I've attached it onto the end of this post. It was a letter I found in my 'special box' the other day. Caitlin wrote it by way of explanation for the extra stocking by the fireplace for Father Christmas in December 2008- when Elin was 5 months old-very cute.
Have a happy weekend folks!

Throwback Friday


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