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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Croeso Y Cymru

Drake towers has a little house guest this week. His name is Gruff (for you English folks, it's pronounced 'Griff' lol). He would like to say hello to you blog fans:

Gruff Paul Georges Drake is 12 weeks old today and the latest addition to the family. Living in Brighton, this is Gruffy's first visit to Wales, so it's a big deal. Elin thinks he is pretty awesome:

On the subject of Miss Drake, the proverbial corner has definitely been turned for half-term. She's been amazing. Back to long walks in the buggy and trips out. Today she took Gruff to visit a bona-fide Welsh Castle!! We have been so lucky, given what a bad place she was in just last week, dystonia-wise. Fortune must be smiling on us!! Thank you, fortune. Hopefully more half-term adventures to follow, but in the meantime here are some pics of our day xx xxx

Oh-and on the way home Elin decided to call in and see her Great-Nan and Great-Grandad. They were both pretty chuffed to see her so happy! Couldn't resist sharing this video of her responding so brilliantly to my Grandad's old favourite 'Round And Round The Garden'. Please excuse his comb-over but he is 83 after all and we interrupted him having forty winks ;-).
Have a good night, people!



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