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Saturday, 4 October 2014


There are some friends who are alway there for you. Via phone, text, visits. I am the luckiest person alive as I have so many of those.  There are some friends who live far away, and what they can do for you is limited. But they do exactly what they can, they think of you always and Elin is part of their psyche. I am doubly lucky as I also have plenty of those kinds of friends,too. Some of my closest friends are scattered all over the country, thanks to meeting them at Drama School in Edinburgh many moons ago and us going our separate ways following graduation.  It means we can go twelve months without seeing each other, but when we do it's like we have never been apart.
I lived with Nicola for the full three years of Uni. She was the first person I met when I arrived in the student accommodation in Edinburgh, having just turned eighteen and never really been far from Wrexham in all honesty. My own twin sister could not have really been much further away (Cardiff) and so Nicola and my other flatmates (also on my course) it's fair to say became my surrogate sisters. We learned everything there was to know about one another. We had fun. We looked after each other. We went out together. We stayed in together and watched Ally Mc Beale and Sex And the City box sets. We got on each others nerves. We fought. We fell out.  We cried. We laughed. Fast forward fifteen years and the bond that can never, really, be broken is still there. Two of us are Teachers (and Mothers!) two of us are still acting and making a bloody good living out of it. I am proud of all of us. Nicola (that first person I clapped eyes on so far away from home and one quarter of this fab and sometimes, not so fab foursome living in those slightly rank student flats all those years ago) is raising money for Alder Hey on behalf of Elin right now. Another flatmate, lovely Laura,  raised over £5,000 a few years ago to equip Elin with as much sensory equipment as possible. Five of the six other girls in my 10-girl strong year group (besides my three flatmates) are in constant touch to find out how Elin is regularly, visiting when they can (It probably would have been a full flush of six others but I fell out with one equally strongly opinionated member of the year group on the subject of Maggie Thatcher. You can't win 'em all). I am one lucky, lucky girl to have such amazing people in my life. But more importantly, Elin is.
Please feel free to share this link which leads to Nicola's 'Just Giving' page. She is raising money for Ronald McDonald House (the parents accommodation) at Alder Hey, on behalf of Elin. I have so many stories about how this accommodation has helped parents of poorly children but just believe me, it's a very worthy cause.
I can never get over the kindness of people in relation to Elin, not just dear friends but complete strangers. It touches us deeply. So thank you Nicola and everyone else who has ever supported us. I will never, ever forget what you have done.  :-) xxx


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