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Friday, 3 October 2014

Hooray for Henry...

So, Elin has a little friend and his name is Henry. He isn't even 3 yet but he knows all about Elin. His Mummy is my colleague at work and a very special person. She has always talked to Henry about Elin, right from when he was old enough to understand anything at all really. She bought the book 'Just Because' to read to him and, when she told him he was going to Elin's birthday party this year he thought for a moment and in his two-year old wisdom proclaimed "Elin is a Princess" (just like Clemmie in the story).
Henry picked some lavender and gave it to me because he thought Elin might like to smell it recently. As if that wasn't cute enough, Henry heard about the Sophie trauma (see below) and wanted to help. He wrapped up, in a rather scholastic gift wrap (these poor children with Teachers for parents, LOL!) consisting of a sheet of A4 paper and a plastic wallet, a toy sheep. Not just any toy sheep, but his own toy sheep from when he was little, which squeaks.  He figured whilst Elin was waiting for a new Sophie it might help ease her pain.Obviously, I cried for roughly fifteen minutes about this because it was just so lovely. But more than that I managed to get a video of Elin responding to said sheep (who we have called Sian) which I thought Henry might like to see. It's not been a good week for Elin (more on this later) yesterday being the worst day for her. Literally the ONLY thing that managed to get a response from her was Sian the Sheep. I kid you not. It's almost like she could sense the good karma emitting from Henry's kind gift. So now of course I will share the video and my colleague can show her little boy the effect of such a thoughtful gesture and when Henry grows into the considerate, understanding and kind young man he is surely bound to be become, we can say we are not at all surprised. Because Henry was the sweetest little boy we knew. Thank you Henry. xxxxx


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