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Friday, 10 October 2014

Chalk and Cheese

...from last week to this for our girl! It turns out the glass was definitely half-full after all. Elin has had the best week ever, and that's official as her Teacher said so in her home-school diary! My fears that her dystonia was out of control again were so far, it seems, unfounded. It goes without saying how happy this has made us. She is very much herself again and her big cheesy grin is breaking out across her face every two minutes :-) :-) Tonight she absolutely loved listening to Paul play his guitar (yes, he has rediscovered his guitar now but his repertoire still only consists of his three ukelele songs. I'm going to have to get him some sheet music or something because if I have to listen to 'Goodnight Irene' one more time the guitar may go through the window along with the Uke and don't get me started on the harmonica). Anyway, I filmed her amazing response to this which was delightful but sadly I started absent mindedly started singing half way through and you really don't want to hear that.  We do love a sing a long but the Von Trapps we most definitely are not!!! Doh .

So, let's keep fingers crossed that the good mood continues this time and we break this strange one good week/one bad week cycle! I'll let you know!

*Flashback Friday Disclaimer* I've run out of ideas! So, F.B.F is temporarily suspend until further notice!! Sorry!!!

Happy weekend, folks

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