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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

With a little help from my friends..

Last June the school where I teach organised a sponsored climb up Snowdon, to raise money for Elin. 17 staff completed the climb.We chose Hope House Children's Hospice, where terminally ill or extremely disabled children go for respite care, to donate the money to. The grand total raised was £2, 797 which is awesome. Tomorrow we will present the cheque to a representative from Hope House in a special assembly at my school. There is nothing more humbling than seeing people you love, people you care about, family and friends and even people you have never met in your life raising money because they have been moved by your story, and the life of Elin. I am eternally grateful to all who donated but especially to my work colleagues who organised it all of their own accord, just because they wanted to do something. It showed me that people have a greater capacity for kindness than i ever could have imagined and I wish everyone who had a child like Elin could have this amount of support, because without it Im not sure where we would be.

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