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Friday, 25 September 2009

Recently someone told me they thought it was great that Elin mixed with healthy, 'normal children' at her childminders etc. I completely agreed. They went on to say it was great for the other kids, because it would help them to understand disability. But then they said it would also help teach the kids how 'lucky they are'. Well, I think mixing with other kids is great for Elin's development. I certainly think its great that the other kids may grow up understanding disability more. But ...guess what..... I don't really give a shit about other kids learning to know how lucky they are by using Elin as a baseline! How am I supposed to react to that? 'Oh well, as long as my profoundly disabled daughter is helping other people's perfect kids to know how lucky they are then I guess that makes me feel better about it all'!!!! Rahhhhhh of course I realise it was not meant in this way but you would think people would have a bit more bloody sensitivity- or, as Im learning sometimes, maybe not.

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