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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Elin slept at her Nanny and Grampy's last night for the first time ever!! Had to take a lot of stuff around, epilepsy meds, milk pump, syringes, special mattress etc but am really glad she went, so nice for my Mum and Dad and good for us to get a night's sleep!! I was starting to worry that if anything ever happened to me and Paul and we couldn't be at home for whatever reason, then nobody else would know how to look after her overnight- manage the feeding pump etc- so it great that Mum and Dad are getting a bit of practice in! Another little niggle that was bothering me. and now one less thing to worry about. If you had told me when I was pregnant that it would be 14 months before my baby went to my Mum's for the night I wouldn't have believed it! I figured we would probably have our first night off when the baby was about 6 weeks. Ha!! I suppose it's a good job we don't have a crystal ball....

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  1. Well done Elin!! Perhaps you could persuade my parents that its not so bad!!!!


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