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Sunday, 20 September 2009

C.P or not C.P?

Poor Elin's eczema on her arms terrible today and I wonder if that too, is part of her condition somehow? I wonder this about every little thing she has- is it because of the C.P or would she have had it anyway?? Don't see how it could be, but either way it is horrendous so a trip to the G.P's is in order methinks. As if she hasn't got enough problems! Poor baby. A tooth painfully poking through today, which makes 6. Another irony of C.P is that she cannot use her hands to help her with her teething, no biting or sucking them and definitely not holding anything to chew on ;-( so when you consider that she copes really well with teething, brave little soldier. I recently noticed a groove under her tongue where it has been running over her two bottom teeth. Apparently, because she doesn't eat anything orally, her sharp little teeth are never given the chance to 'blunt' themselves so they will need to be filed down before they make a hole in her tongue. We are on the waiting list for the hospital dentist. Yuck.

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