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Monday, 28 September 2009

A call to the Neuro....

Neuro says the spasms Elin has been having are probably seizures. She goes extremely stiff, throws her head back and her limbs shake a little. Sounds worse than it is, but is still upsetting to watch. He doesn't want to put up her meds though cos it's not happening often enough. He said he wasn't worried about them-sSo I guess we shouldn't be. But Im still going to film one to show him at our next appointment. I want to know what kind of seizure it is, if it is a seizure. As severe CP can cause muscle spasms it's difficult to see sometimes what is caused by the C.P and what is the infantile epilepsy (which is a secondary condition to the CP). Ho-hum. In better news, Elin has been making 'babbling' noises when we mess around with her, really happy little baby noises. The first pre-cursor to speech, would usually happen at around 3/4 months. Of everything, I will never give up hope that she may say a few words one day. If I let myself believe I was never going to hear her voice I probably wouldn't get up in the morning, so I just refuse to believe it. Simples.

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