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Saturday, 31 October 2015


Well Elin has had a half term holiday haircut- and not before time! She was starting to resemble Rapunzel! She was quite impressed with the end result, I think you'll agree she looks beautiful. The second half of half-term has been pretty quiet for little Miss- we think she has really missed the stimulation of going out to school every day and seeing all her friends and teachers . She did however manage some trick or treating with big sis Caitlin and her boyfriend Connor and managed well in the borrowed buggy too as we roamed the misty country lanes in search of candy :-) She also enjoyed the Elsa pumpkin i craved for her (Yes! I actually did carve it despite some of my friends thinking I had stolen the photo from the internet!! How rude! Was actually pretty easy using a stencil I printed off from a website even for someone as crafty as a gnat like my good self)  Hope you've had a good Hallowe'en blog readers, until next time......


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