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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Baby, you're a firework

So Bonfire Night is another one of my favourite's! Goes back to the time when my Dad would squeeze us under the fence at Bellevue Park so he didn't have to pay for us and we got to stay up late, go out in the dark and eat Bonfire Toffee. Pretty exciting. But the fireworks are always the best! So I was pretty delighted when the Chester Lions asked Caitlin to sing at their annual Firework display tonight, since I haven't been to a display for years and it seemed like the very best excuse to go! Of course, the reason I haven't been to a display for years is little Miss Drake. Cold, dark and loud bangs are not three of Elin's favourite things and it didn't seem fair to drag her out for our own benefit. But thanks to my Mum who was able to look after Elin , I finally got to see a Bonfire Night display for the first time since I was pregnant. It was brilliant and Caitlin was amazing. She did two fifteen-minute sets and the second one was at 7:00pm just before the Mayor opened the Firework display. It was really lovely to see a load of strangers pull out their mobile phones to film her singing!! Of course I didn't manage to get a full song on my stupid phone but I did get a clip for you, blog readers (see below). However, despite all of this the night, as ever, was tinged with a little sadness for me because once again I found myself feeling incomplete and as though something was missing. It was. It doesn't seem fair that Elin has to miss out-that we have to miss out -on enjoying yet another family  experience. A tradition passed down through the generations, another tradition Elin can't be part of. I try not to let it bother me because these things pepper our lives so frequently that if you truly let them bother you you'd never be happy! But I also think it's important to acknowledge your feelings in order to accept them and move on. So move on we do, through life with Elin (our own little firecracker) and as a family, trying not to let the disappointments define us. Keep on trucking, Drakes. Despite missing the Bonfire fun Elin still had a lovely weekend. She has been splashing with water toys in a cool tray that attaches to her standing frame, playing on her resonance board, enjoying a visit from Great Nanny and Great Grandad, watching Strictly Come Dancing cuddled up on the sofa with me and having a go in her be-active box. Not a bad deal and she has certainly been very happy- and that, reader, is all that truly matters, because after all,  her smile lights up our skies more brightly than any Firework ever could.

I am very happy this weekend!
Splashing about with her water-activated light toys.

A woefully short clip of Caitlin singing 'Say You Love Me' by Jesse Ware at the Firework Display :-) 


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