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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Holding our breath..

Sorry lovely readers! Yes, it's been a while since I updated again, apologies! I was busy trying to wipe the egg off my face after boldly stating in my last post that things for Elin were better than they'd been in ages! You knew it, I knew it. I spoke the words that should never be spoken. I tempted fate and fate gave me a kicking.
Actually, Elin hasn't been all that bad. But we did end up having to stay in hospital overnight for the first time in a loooooong time. Basically, the Autumnal bug got her! A cold and cough can just floor her. She couldn't keep her SATS up, so into hospital she trotted for some O2. This happened to coincide with a visit from my lovely Scottish friend Nicola, my Edinburgh University flatmate of three years and the first person I laid eyes on after my Mum and Dad left me unpacking boxes and wondering when the first freshers party would be  in my halls of residence back in 1999. I've mentioned Nicola before on the blog, because she ran a 5K not too long ago for Elin, the proceeds of which we donated to Alder Hey's Ronald MacDonald House (parents accommodation) in Elin's name. Anyway, my point is, Nicola is really lovely friend and I love her to bits.  We don't get to see too much of each other anymore so annual visits are sometimes months in the making. So it was a real shame that she spent the majority of her visit to us on the Children's Ward :-( But, such is life with Elin and she was gracious enough to say it didn't matter a bit. Who knew back on that day in 1999 as I contemplated how I was going to feed myself for the next three years, was that what Drama school would give me was not a lifelong career in Acting, but a close knit family of lifelong friends. Perhaps, in the University of life, that in itself is more important. Anyway, Im a lucky girl and Elin is too.
Last weekend in pictures:

Elin was very sleepy and needed two days off school at the end of the week. We hoped it would pass! She was glad Daddy Drake was off work recovering from an operation so he could give her extra cuddles.

Oh dear! The inevitable! It didn't pass, O2 was needed. Paul stayed in hospital with Elin overnight which was very hard for me as I am a total control freak when it comes to Elin and it's always me that states over! But we didn't think it would be fair to ask Nicola to sleep on a hospital floor as part of her weekend break, so I had to give in :-) Turns out they were fine, Elin enjoyed having Daddy there and Paul got in a few hours reading his book  throughout the night, not being one for being able to sleep in strange places (I don't have that problem) 

Nicola enjoying her visit to Wales!! (Doh) Yes, I know she looks about 15 but she is actually older than me (bah). I don't know what her secret is, I think it's Scottish air and the fact she only see's the sun about twice a year up there. Also maybe Iron Bru is the answer??

We are going home!!! My beautiful girl breaks out one of these smiles and its like nothing has happened.....

So the story of last weekend finishes with another two days off school, before finally going back on Wednesday where by and large she's been absolutely fine, despite still being a bit bunged up/coughy. I'll try not to speak the unspeakable words again anytime soon and just hope that for a good while that's any poorly-ness out of the way.
I have more to blog about but my bed is calling so I will try not to leave it so long until the next Elin update. Thanks for reading!

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