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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Oh brother!

A good few days for Elin over half term! We did end up going to the doctors with her eye, which we've had drops for but it is looking better already. We're also still waiting to hear about her wheelchair being fixed...but that has given us more time to road test the Chunc 45 which was given to us as a 'spare'.  Taking visiting family to Chirk Castle provided ample opportunity for this! First of all we had the usual thrashing around and dystonia. So, out she came for a break and a cuddle on my knee then back in she popped ...where she stayed as happy as larry for the rest of the day out! Yippee!  She thought she was queen of Draketon Abbey sitting in the front room of Chirk Castle showing off her new wheels! To top off a perfect day out we also bumped into our favourite doctor EVER, who had attended to Elin when she was born and in the harrowing weeks that followed. We have continued to bump into him over the years in the hospital and he is so humble, he hates it when we make a fuss of him but to us he is the doctor that saved her life (and our sanity, being the first doctor to prepare us for what lay ahead as opposed to just saying everything would be ok, which it clearly wouldn't). It was great for him to see her looking so happy and relaxed out with her family and it was great for me to be able to tell his wife that her husband saved my little girl's life :-)

Lady Crawley!!

Sunday lunching
 Elin and her big brother Tom - getting his fix of Welsh air visiting with gorgeous girlfriend Hannah from London ;-)
 Tom and Hannah having more cuddles :-) Elin loves having family stay - a nice change from our boring voices/faces methinks!

Family :-)

Happy hal term folks! Elin is very much looking forward to trick or treating- photo's to follow at the weekend! 

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