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Friday, 23 October 2015

Autumn days when the grass is jewelled

                                                         Did someone say half term? 

Well, monkey-face has not stopped grinning today, despite a case of weird-red-eye-thingy appearing yesterday! She's not been completely right since her illness last week so it's been gorgeous to see her so happy, clearly the weird-red-eye-thingy is not bothering her though if it isn't gone soon we'll need to get it looked at! It never ends! Not a bad week although sadly Elin's chair broke the other day which was a bit sobering as you realise that without her dreaded chair, much hated by her as it is- you can't actually get her anywhere without it! It's daft to say, but honestly when you have a disabled child their chair is such an extension of them (because it has to be) that when you suddenly don't have it you feel quite stranded and weirdly vulnerable!!! I have to say hats off to the wheelchair service who sent a repair man out the very night we called, though the guy could not fix it on the spot :-( So they took the chair away and told us to call for a replacement in the morning which would be whatever they had available and probably nothing like Elin's chair (which was made especially for her and moulded to her body). LUCKILY a wonderful Mummy we know with a son like Elin had a 'spare' chair hanging around the house and offered it to us straight away. After a couple of hours of Daddy Drake attacking it with his allan key and oofing Elin in and out to ensure a good fit, she had a new makeshift chair- the 'Chunc 45' (apparently worth a lot of money) and I got to tell you blog readers we LOVE it! (So far!) Photographs of her in it will hopefully follow this half term! I feel a call to wheelchair services coming on ......
Anyway aside from a broken chair (Elin) and a broken windscreen (me) it's not been a bad week. I can hardly believe it's half term - it's crept up on me I think because September was so sunny!!! I'm not complaining,  because I know how lucky us teachers are to have time off with our kids so regularly- I love Autumn and dark nights and coal fires and... Hallowe'en!! I love it!! So now we have a week off with some really nice things planned and are very much hoping Elin maintains the mood she was in today - that will make a very nice half term indeed :-)
Happy holidays everyone


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