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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

You're my world...

"You're my world, you're every breath I take,
You're my world you're every move I make,
Other eyes see the stars up in the skies,
But for me they shine within your eyes,

As the trees reach for the sun above,
So my arms reach out to you for love,
With your hand resting in mine,
I feel a power so divine,

You're my world, you are my night and day,
You're my world you're every prayer I pray,
If our love ceases to be,
Then it's the end of my world for me".

 We're still not out of the woods. She got better, then worse, then lots better, then lots worse. We are currently resting in the limbo that is happy and smily again, no retching but with occasional bouts of bad dystonia coupled with a very gurgly sounding upper resp system. Thankfully not on chest (yet). She's sleeping fairly well again. Paul and I are scared to leave the house now-  someone may try to drive a stake through our hearts. We have forgotten what daylight looks like. What do you mean I'm exaggerating?? I need some Vitamin D truly! I'm using flour as foundation!!!  Ha. It's been a full week now and about time that this illness left our baby alone. Thank GOD we are on holiday from school because getting back to my brain- I can't concentrate. I need Elin to be better! This is not how the Summer holidays are supposed to be :-( Poor, poor Elin. Yesterday I put my mobile in the fridge and tried to put the butter on charge :-(   I can't stop watching her , waiting for a slight change, checking she's ok. I'm having bad dreams,  I'm crying at sad songs on the radio, even my emotion at the death of Cilla on Sunday may have been a bit disproportionate. (Elin is a big Cilla fan. No, really)
But, of course, that smile of Elin's is the sticking plaster I need to hold me together and let me know that she's ok and that everything will be fine, so it's a good thing we've seen it a lot today. Keep those fingers crossed Elin fans, she really does deserve a break now!

What's it all about.....Elin??


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