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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

It's about time...

Ein's having a good if a little boring week after the excitement of last week! Rain has stopped play on numerous occasions and we have been a little trapped indoors! Never mind. One good thing that's happened is that Elin has FINALLY had casts made for a new pair of splints. Wrexham has lost two Orthotists we have been told, in the past couple of months and have been unable to replace them as yet. This means that an already over-stretched service has become almost impossible to gain an appointment with. I was told to call back every day for the entirety of the Summer holidays in order to get Elin in, and finally we had some success last week. Obviously this can't be helped but it's incredibly annoying. Elin's current splints are no longer really fit for purpose, marking her and not fitting properly. They are important for when she stands up in her frame and also for when she's sitting in her chair- not least because they protect her legs a little when she is having an attack of dystonia on transport! Elin has very awkward legs and feet with pretty pronounced turns so getting splints that are right can be difficult. The last orthotist was brilliant, but sadly she has left. I hope the new splints are ok because it's a long process just getting them in, it can take a few weeks for them to come back once the plaster casts have been sent off.  I did my best to beg a new pair of boots for school too so am hoping she gets the nice patent black ones we requested! Will leave you with some pics of a very good Elin somewhat enjoying having cling film and plaster wrapped around her legs!


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