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Monday, 17 August 2015

Take me to the beach.....

Sorry for the hiatus blog readers- nothing sinister, we've just been having too much fun to stop and post!!! Elin's doing brilliantly after her week of doom! She must have realised it was my birthday week last week and has been good as gold. I had a super birthday- especially as Elin's Aunty Sammy came all the way down from Edinburgh for her annual Elin snuggles! She could hardly believe how much Elin had grown since last year. I forget what a big girl she's getting! Speaking of my birthday you may remember I'm a twin- I have always said Elin looks more like my sister than me (annoying! ha) and my Mum has always insisted Elin is the image of my sister at the same age. So, I rooted around for evidence and found a photo of Karen and Elin, both aged 7:
Wow. Maybe Elin is more Erlandson than Drake after all??? Or just a great mixture of everybody ;-)
I'll leave you with some photo's of Elin enjoying her Summer holiday whilst I head off to pack- that's right! Second attempt at a break and hoping little miss behaves this time! We are very excited to be off to Brighton to play with baby Gruff's fluffy egg head. Yay! Wish us luck, hopefully we shall return with tidings of great holiday joy and some good beach snaps!! Have a good week folks....

Elin and Aunty Sam

Elin and her buddy Poppy

Enjoying one of her birthday presents.....



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