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Monday, 10 August 2015

The Pictures

Today we took Elin to a special Cinema screening for children with additional needs, funded by the fab charity 'Contact A Family' in partnership with local charity 'Your Space'. The film was the Disney film 'Home' about a little purple Alien voiced by Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory who befriends a girl voiced by Rhianna. It was great!!  'Your Space' is based in Black Park, near Chirk, so about a five minute drive from us- perfect! Elin absolutely LOVED it. She got to lie on a bean bag to watch the film and when she got fed up of that she got to lie on me :-) The Reception area after the film was a little cramped for Elin so we didn't stay too long but I look forward to the next event that they organise! There weren't any other children there with needs as profound as Elin's- there was only her and another little buddy from her school who were wheelchair bound for example- but what a lovely idea and a very worthwhile cause to enable families of children with any kind of additional needs to meet. I got some fabulous photo's of her enjoying he film and then made the mistake of plugging my brand new phone into my computer for the first time since I've had it, and I have lost all my photo's from the past few days :-( Sometimes I hate technology. It cheats you! However I did manage to salvage one photo as I had already uploaded it to Instagram! Thank goodness as it's one of my favourite recent Elin pictures and I would have been sad to lose it- we have so few of her sitting happily in her chair! She's been great again today and sitting well which we are really thankful about. A busy week ahead with my friend Sam coming down to stay with us from Edinburgh on her annual visit (and arriving on my birthday yay!), then the 'Cherish' fun day on Saturday and two days break before we head down to Brighton to see fluffy egg head Gruff! It was his first birthday the other day and his head is no longer as fluffy but Elin still adores him! Fingers crossed her good spell continues and we don't have to abandon another break away! I'll leave you with a pic from today of my big, beautiful seven year old baby :-)


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