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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Brighton Rocks

Remember my Disneyland posts? You should do, there were four of them and they went on for...ev....errrrr hahaha. Well I think I described a 'good Elin spell' like a harmonious Universe, when all of her planets align and create the best version of Elin there can be. In Brighton this week, Elin's plants aligned. Hurray!!! Definitely no coming home early from jollies for us this time- it was brilliant. Elin was a superstar and even managed to sit in her chair for the majority of the time- only becoming agitated after a full day and lots of sea breeze in her face which is fair enough! We are so proud of her. Not only did she love Brighton but she absolutely adored seeing baby Gruff! Once again she proved to us how much she loves having  kids around. It was delightful to see her responding to Gruff and he to her. Gruff has just turned one and is at that amazing age where he is interested in everything and Elin lapped up his energy. Pretty heart-melting stuff! He is clearly a genius (we're not biased) as he very quickly learned that Elin loves a good nose beep, after seeing us do it he thought it would give it a go himself. Naturally, she was chuffed as a butty by this. I draw your attention to exhibit A:
Yes, we are aware how cute this is!

Gruff aside, Elin also enjoyed a stroll (wheel) along the pier, her first trip to 'Wagamama's' , a spot of shopping, a ride on a carousel and plenty of family cuddles. What a cracking holiday she had. Our only regret was not going for a longer period of time- it's quite a trip down for three nights (one being a stop-over in London with family to break up the journey)! However since we're likely to make it an annual Summer Drakation, we'll know for next time. Thank you Universe for hearing our wishes and granting us a little oasis of happiness this week. It's just what we needed. Until next time, folks...

Oh dear! How sad!


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