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Friday, 5 September 2014

Throwback Friday

Greetings Elin fans.  I am immensely relived and happy to say that Elin really picked up after Tuesday. She had the best week ever at school and has been so clever she even got a 'Top Banana' sticker yaaaay! Basically after a nightmare week last week she is back to being on top form and in fine fettle.  The Consultant appointment on Wednesday also went really well. Her Consultant is amazing, very thorough and considerate.  At our request she is going to refer us to the movement disorder clinic at Alder Hey, in an attempt to come up with a plan for future dystonic attacks! Not only that but she is suggesting Elin be considered for a new drugs trial aimed at combating dystonia. It involves a simple mouth spray- containing, apparently some form of Cannabis! (Insert your own joke here) We have been researching this for some time and are very interested so looking forward to hearing more. A similar trial has already recorded very positive effects on people with MS apparently.    I will be sure to keep you updated on this.
In the meantime, back to throwback Friday.  Given that Elin has been back to school this week with all her special teachers and friends, I thought I would share Elin's 'first date' pictures with you from before the Summer. Im not sure why I haven't already uploaded these, it must have been something I forgot to do! Anyway this was Elin and her classmate (and boyfriend) Llew. He's a couple of years younger so it makes her a bit of a cougar . But it's a good match because they both understand Welsh and have giant cheeks :-) :-) The 'date' was Llew's Mummy's birthday party. It was a lovely night, though Elin fell asleep and Llew felt a bit poorly and had a bit of a cry. In fairness I've been on worse dates in the past, so it's all good. Definite potential for date number two !!!
Have a good weekend Elin fans, it's been a very tiring but happy week for us. Might have to borrow Elin's hot tub tonight whilst cradling a glass of red (or six) I think. Nos Da all, thanks for the continued interest in our girl.

Elin's Parisian inspired 'first date' outfit.  Tres Audrey Hepburn circa the 'Sabrina' period.

Elin and Llew. Llew is a Welsh name meaning 'Lion'. Too, too cute.



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