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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Throwback Friday -Mark 2!

I've already done a throw-back this week so Im cheating but I just found this from September last year. I know I have had a few new blog readers lately (thank you!) so I thought I would re-post this, for those who ever wondered how Elin's story began. This was a guest piece I wrote for another blog written by a Midwife who posts a different 'birth story' each week and was keen to find out about ours. I could write a book on it but, with the constraint of a blog format and not wanting to send everyone to sleep, this is what I came up with. People were gracious enough to read it and be very kind about it. Thanks again to Clemmie for asking us to tell our story on her amazing blog which rocketed into the media stratosphere about six months ago when she wrote a fab piece about  breast not always being best (and sadly sparked huge controversy as a practising Midwife between people who seemingly cannot accept a diversity of opinion on these matters). Anyway here it is for those who didn't catch it the first time. The beginning of Elin:

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